Over the last couple years 361 Energy CIC has been working on developing community owned solar PV.  We invite local installers who meet the eligibility criteria to apply to become one of our preferred installers.

To be eligible, an installer must be a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Eligible installers will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Reputation and experience
  • Locality
  • Quality, performance and reliability of panels / inverter selected
  • Quality and reliability of workmanship
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experience working with community energy groups
  • Experience on installations with export limitation and online monitoring
  • Adequate professional indemnity and public liability insurance (minimum £5 million)
  • Membership of an insurance backed warranty scheme e.g. RECC
  • Warranty and after care support

Case studies with references are requested to demonstrate the criteria along with a list of installations over 25kW completed in the last 12 months and their roof type.

The selection will be made by a subgroup comprising 2 of the 361 Energy CIC Directors, 1 volunteer and 1 independent expert.  They will assess all the applications and chose up to 3 or 4 installers based on the criteria.  These will be appointed as a 361 Energy CIC preferred installer.

Each preferred installer will be invited to survey and quote for sites as they become available.  The subgroup will review the installers’ surveys and make a recommendation of which installer to use for each site.  If a preferred installer ‘brings’ a suitable roof to 361 Energy CIC they will have first refusal for installation on that roof.

Application process

Please provide the following information and send to info@361energy.org by 1st July 2016

  • Name of organisation
  • Contact details
  • MCS registration number
  • A minimum of two case studies to illustrate how your organisation satisfies the above criteria. These should include photographs, details of the panels and inverters used and a PV Sol assessment of the system showing the estimated generation
  • A minimum of two references
  • Examples of a quotation and a handover pack
  • Details of the insurance you hold
  • A list of your solar PV installations over 25kW completed in the last 12 months

If you require further information about the tendering process, please contact info@361energy.org