How would you like a car that you don’t have to service or maintain, that doesn’t cost you a penny for fuel, insurance, tax or breakdown and that even has its own dedicated parking! Co-cars is a ‘not-for profit’ social enterprise that provides ‘ hire-by-the- hour cars. The hourly rates are from £3.75 per hour plus 15p per mile and there is a £25 annual residential membership fee which covers either an individual or two adults in a household. Members can book the cars any time night or day – on line or via smartphone.

Register with Co-cars car club and you can use any of the Co-cars vehicles in the South West, including one in Barnstaple, ten in Exeter, two in Salisbury, and four in Dorset. There will also soon be cars based in Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Falmouth, and Truro and more in Exeter.  The car in Barnstaple is located on Westacott Road, outside the North Devon Homes office.

If you are already a member of Co-cars then you may want to tell your friends and family about the excellent scheme with the good customer service,  clean and well maintained low emission cars and free training on the use of the cars. Currently Co-cars have a special ’20:20′ offer.  If you refer a friend then you will both get £20 of driver’s credit once their membership is paid and they have used a car. When your interested friend or family member completes the Co-cars online application form  simply ask them to enter your name, under the Referrals and Promotions Section, in the ‘Name of referring member’.