North Devon community climate engagement

David Attenborough has helped to raise awareness of the impact humans are having on the planet and our need to act now to save it. 361’s approach to climate action community engagement has been to set up a range of ways local people can access information, support and events to help them to get started. Our perspective is one of hope; and we believe that reducing your carbon footprint can actively improve your quality of life in a range of ways. Here are our programmes.

Programme 1: Climate Action Membership

Our free Climate Action online membership will help you to reduce their carbon footprint.  Sign up here and you will receive a weekly series of emails over the course of a year, that give you practical, actionable advice on what you can do to evolve your lifestyles, in a sequenced, hopeful way. Members are also encouraged to share their progress and recommendations on social media, helping to spread the word.

We will start with the easy stuff that makes the biggest difference, but also link in information to make it fun and it is intended to be done with freinds and family to support each other through the process. You will also be encouraged to share their progress and recommendations on social media, helping to spread the word. Why not start today?

Programme 2: Climate Action Events, Clinics, Workshops and Eco Fairs

361 runs a wide range of climate action events ranging from an annual Eco Fair in Barnstaple, to film viewings and talks from environmental experts. Get in touch or check out our events section to find out more.

Programme 3: Climate Action Funding (work in progress)

We come across many grass-root community initiatives in North Devon that need a little bit of help, so we are looking to set up a small grant fund to help assist them. This is still in planning/fund-raising at the moment, but once live, will help groups such as Ilfracombe Climate Emergency Community Action Team to develop and help local communities become more involved in climate action.

Programme 4: High Street Climate & Sustainable Shops (work in progress)

We want to reach people rather than expect then to reach us. To this end, we are looking at opening one or more North Devon High Street Climate Shops. These will provide drop-in centres for people looking for advice on carbon reduction and they can also sign up for a free home energy efficiency visit. We also want to be able to provide access to local sources of fresh and dried foods with lower food miles. We also want to have a milk dispenser for local milk refills. The shops will also have a library of things and repair café as well as event spaces for workshops, talks and film viewings. Sound good? PLEASE let us know if you support this idea via email to as this will really help us with funding and planning. Thanks!

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