A poll published by the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) which is supported by 45 conservative PMs, highlights that the majority of people in North Devon support onshore wind power, no matter how they vote.  A full 73% of residents of North Devon support onshore wind power, which flies in the face of the ban on onshore wind development in the area and sentiment in Westminster. 

Cheapest Source of Electricity Generation, Banned

Onshore wind farms could be built for £45/MWh (BVG Associates) making it the cheapest source of electricity generation. However at present it is excluded from competing in Contact for Difference (CfD) auctions and is excluded from the northern Devon Local Plan, meaning that unless there is provision in a Parish Council’s plan for wind power, all additional onshore wind farm development is blocked.  These CfD auctions are also vital to provide stability and certainty to investors in wind power. New polling, carried out by Survation for CEN, shows that 71% of people support onshore wind across the UK, compared to 73% in NOrth Devon. Additionally, over 50% of people would also look unfavourably at a political party that supported a national ban on onshore wind farms.

Climate Strike Support

Public support in the UK for the young people’s school strikes over climate change outweighs opposition by more than three to one. On Friday 15 March, strikes by young people took place globally in over 90 countries – including the UK, with more expected on the 29th November.

The poll, carried out by Opinium for CEN, showed that 53% of British adults support children taking time out of school to voice their concern about the impacts that climate change will have on their futures, with only 15% opposed to their actions. Young people are even more supportive with 60% of 18-34 year olds backing the strikers.

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