Lets Stop Fuel Poverty

The 29th November 2019 is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day – which is incredibly relevant for northern Devon where over 13% of households live in fuel poverty unnecessarily.  More than 2.5m families, or 10% of the UK population, are unable to pay the costs associated with heating their homes without falling below the poverty line. And this number had risen from 2.4m in 2010.

3,000 Needless Deaths Per Year

Research by the National Energy Action & E3G has also highlighted that over 3,000 people needlessly die each year because they can’t heat their homes.

Help Is At Hand

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day helps to raise awareness of these problems and also to highlight that there is a solution. 361 Energy is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in northern Devon. They have been helping families and individuals who are struggling with their energy bills for almost ten years, and their help is free.

Causes of Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty is caused by three main factors – poor home energy efficiency, high energy prices and low income. 361’s home energy service helps address all three areas to alleviate the stress of struggling to pay energy bills.

361 & Fuel Poverty

Last year alone, 361 energy carried out over 500 home energy visits, helping northern Devon residents to lower their energy bills, make their homes more energy-efficient and also ensure they were getting all the income benefits they should. In the last year alone, they have helped save £1,000,000 for local family.  Nonetheless, they face a difficult challenge.

“Nearly 70% of people in northern Devon qualify for our free home energy visit, but we only reach 1% of those living in fuel poverty,” said Gwen de Groot, Chair of 361 Energy. “The issue is raising awareness of the support we can give, which is why Fuel Poverty Awareness day is so key to get the word out” she added.

So this Fuel Poverty Awareness day, if you are struggling with your bills or you know a family member or neighbour that you think needs help, get in touch with 361energy by clicking the button below or calling us on 01271 599361.