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This free training will provide delegates with an introduction to household energy efficiency and changing energy related behaviour.

Led by National Energy Action this energy advice related training is for frontline staff, volunteers and members of the community who may encounter those in or at risk of fuel poverty – i.e. those on a low income / in a vulnerable situation and who are struggling to manage their household bills.

The course aims to make delegates aware of how householders may be able to use their energy more efficiently and reduce possible waste whilst still maintaining a warm and comfortable home. It also examines what can be done to try and encourage householders to change their behaviour regarding energy use in the home.

•heating systems and controls
•top tips for saving electricity
•heat loss in the home and insulation methods
•sources of advice and assistance
•the barriers/ cognitive biases discouraging householders from acting on energy advice
•actions to encourage householders to act on energy-related advice

•Explain basic space heating appliances and controls including room thermostats, TRVs, storage heaters and programmers
•Tips for using heating, hot water, lighting and appliances more efficiently
•Examine heat loss in the home and insulation
•Explain some of the help and assistance available, including the Warm Home Discount Scheme, Winter Fuel Payment, Cold Weather Payment, Priority Service Register and the Affordable Warmth Obligation
•The main barriers explaining why householders do not always act on energy advice
•Key factors influencing decision making including significant cognitive biases (for example, loss aversion and social norms)
•Actions to help overcome the key biases and encourage people to act on the advice they are given. This includes framing the message – making it personal, relevant and engaging
•The EAST (make the advice/ intervention Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely) model can be used to increase the likelihood of advice being acted on
•Local support available for householders from 361 Community Energy

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