Two award winning documentary films by German Director Carl Fechner can be seen at the Plough in Torrington on Tuesday 9th May at 7.30pm which provide inspiration on renewable energy solutions which can help combat dangerous Climate Change.

Power to Change: The Energy Rebellion was released in Germany last year and this may be the first time it will be seen in a UK cinema.  The film has a clear message – a complete turnaround in policy towards 100% renewable energy is possible and it can be achieved much faster than its opponents would have you believe.  With a strong story, breathtaking pictures and an engaging musical score, this film offers an insight into how the renewable energy revolution can be achieved and gives concrete examples of what it will look like.  The film features Yelland resident and 361 Energy volunteer, Peter Smith, who spent most of his career in the Nuclear industry and now campaigns for renewable energy.

The 4th Revolution: Energy Autonomy was the most seen documentary film in German cinemas in 2010.  The outline for the film came from Herman Scheer, the renowned economist, social scientist and member of the German Bundestag.  He was instrumental in Germany’s Renewable Energy law and the introduction of the feed-in tariff which contributed to the rapid fall in the cost of Solar PV.  Featuring politicians, activists and scientists, the film makers travelled around the world exploring solutions which wll help achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy.

The films will be introduced by Peter Smith who also attended the premier of ‘Power to Change’ in Berlin last year.  The Power to Change is 90 minutes long and the 4th Revolution is 83 minutes.  Both films can be seen for the bargain price of just £6.00 and tickets can be booked on the Plough website.