New partnership will see residents save up to £316 a year on their energy bills

361 Community Energy has today announced a new partnership with energy auto switching service Migrate that will see households in the area fight back against expensive energy bills.

The partnership comes as figures from the auto-switching service has found that UK households overpay an eyewatering £1.9 billion each year on their energy bills.

The announcement will see Migrate work with 361 Community Energy to introduce a bespoke switching service and programme in the area, specifically designed to help everyone, including the most vulnerable households, such as those facing fuel poverty or those without internet access.

With the service, households in the area could stand to save an average of £316 a year by switching away from poor value standard variable tariffs, forever.

Automatic Energy Switching

Migrate provides a free-to-use automatic energy switching service that allows households to enjoy a lifetime of savings on their energy bills with just one three-minute switch.

Figures show that 60% of UK households are currently on a standard variable tariff (SVT), which are typically the most expensive types of energy tariffs on the market. As a result, these households could be overpaying for their energy by an average of £316 each year.

Why Migrate?

Migrate solves this problem with its ‘switch once and save forever’ service, that constantly scours the market and automatically switches customers to the best available deal, based on their preferences.

Automatic Switching

Unlike traditional price comparison services, Migrate does not require customers to manually switch every time their energy deal comes to an end, which can be time consuming, confusing and require constant access to the internet.

The nature of the service also means that households that struggle to get online, and who can often be excluded from these types of services, won’t be left behind and can still sign-up to Migrate via their phone line to benefit from the service.

In addition to being totally free-to-use for customers, Migrate donates at least £10 from every sign up to fund community causes, designed to help everyone in Britain have a warm home to live in. The first of these causes is the Forces For Warmth initiative with National Energy Action (NEA), which provides support for the 310,000 UK army veterans currently facing fuel poverty this winter.

The service is available online and via telephone and will also be available through local trusted partners who all care about helping make hard-stretched household budgets go further.

A key partnership

Rob Passmore, 361 Community Energy Director added “We are thrilled to be working with Migrate who share the same focus as us – helping people to save money and carbon on their energy bills whilst supporting those in Fuel Poverty or not connected to the internet. This solution works for everyone. ”

George Chalmers, from Migrate said; “Our mission is to help every home in the UK stay warm, by ensuring households across the country aren’t overpaying on their energy bills. Today we’re proud to partner with 361 Community Energy to help tackle the UK energy crisis, by helping those living across Northern Devon save money on their energy bills, forever.

“We think it’s wrong that traditional online switching services often leave the most vulnerable households behind, despite those being the people who need the most support. That’s why we have worked closely with 361 Community Energy to develop an inclusive service that allows everyone to save money, even those without internet skills or access.”

Rob Passmore from 361 Community Energy added; ““Living in a cold, damp home can have a serious impact on people’s physical and mental health. We believe everyone should have the right to a warm home, and with resources available to help people start switching, we’re looking forward to seeing the benefits of the partnership for residents in the near future.”